20 Practical wedding photography tips every Bride should know about

1. Important personal details you should tell your wedding photographer
If you have a favourite photograph of yourself and your fiancé let your photographer see it . If there are parts of your body you would prefer your photographer not to dwell on then again let them know. Or if there a particular angle you prefer again point it out. Likewise warn them if you tend to blink when a camera is pointed at you.  All these personal points are really helpful for ensuring you get the wedding pictures you really want. For our wedding packages we include a complimentary pre wedding shoot which helps our couples get used to being in front of the cameras. We all get to see what works best so acting as a perfect practice for the big day.

2. Capturing those special getting ready details early
If the wedding photography starts from when you are getting ready and you have    ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'  then let the photographer know in advance so that they can capture this detail ahead of time.  Otherwise in all the rush and excitement, it may be forgotten or left until it is too late. Likewise with the Father of the Bride, the Groom and the Grooms men, there may be special items that need capturing:  special cuff links and socks tend to be popular.

3. Getting into your wedding dress, tying cravats and positioning button holes
Don’t be tempted to get into your wedding dress too early….it means you have to then be extra careful that nothing spills on it and going to the toilet often needs assistance. If your dress requires complicated ribbon tying then make sure your dressers, usually your Mother or Bridesmaids, know how to do it so there is no last minute panicking.
If the men are wearing cravats or tie up bow ties then do make sure they practice first, they can be difficult to master and we have seen many chaps panicking as they try to get the right looking knot. likewise with button holes, make sure someone in the party know how to position them.

4. How to show off your shoes
If you need an excuse to show off your Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutins then a good way is to put a message on the sole, we usually see an ‘I do’ in blue sequins, so you can flash them and make people smile at the same time.

5. Best place to get ready
Try to position yourself when you are getting ready so that as much natural light in falling on your head / face. This means the photographer can position themselves more easily to get more flattering and atmospheric shots of you.

6. Having a shiny clean mirror
Make sure the mirror you are using is sparkling clean. Often and usually when the Bride is at home the mirror has smears and dust on it and this can prevent the photographer getting some classic Bride reflected in the mirror pictures.

7. Keeping calm by fuelling up
8. Do make sure you eat something – this helps settle you and keeps you fuelled up for the day ahead as it will be quite some time before you eat – also, to help you feel calmer and to get you into the swing of things have a glass of something you fancy, preferably something with bubbles such as Champagne, Prosecco or Carver.

9.  Pick the right music
It's great when a Bride's is bubbling with happiness on their wedding day and there is nothing better then when you are getting ready to music that sets the mood, making you feel relaxed, happy and excited  and getting you smiling.

10. Water and mints
Ask a Bridesmaid to keep mints and a bottle of water handy – getting nervous can make your mouth dry and cause bad breath.

11. Cutting the clutter
Remember that if the room in which you are getting ready is small and cluttered and there are lots of Bridesmaids and other family / guests then this will affect what your photographer can capture – if clothes and bags are everywhere then valuable photo opportunities may be lost.

12. Branded plastic bags
At weddings there are lots of bits and pieces that need to be carried around - Make sure that none of the bridesmaids or close family are carrying anything in bright high street branded plastic bags – they can ruin a great picture.

13. Wet wedding bouquets
Before you pick up your wedding bouquet make sure a Bridesmaid  has taken them out of the water and dried off the bottom of the stems before you handle them.

14. The right umbrella
It’s always worth having an umbrella in case of inclement weather…in so doing make sure that the umbrella hasn’t got a logo plastered over it…white parasols work very well and rainbow coloured ones are perfect for gay weddings.

15. A picture in your wedding car
A classic wedding picture is one of the Bride and her Father in the wedding car.  If you are travelling to your wedding venue by car then arrange with your wedding photographer to come and get a picture of you inside before you get out. All to often Bride's can get out before the photographer arrives. Even better still have them join you in the journey (shots inside when you are on the move can be great).

16. Getting out of the wedding car
When you do get out of the wedding car arrange for someone to help you out and when you emerge look up to your photographer and smile..take your time.

17. Walking down the aisle
The Bride walks down the aisle on the Right (we have occasionally seen the father and daughter get it wrong possibly because they got a little nervous).
And you should do so slowly…something that does need a little practice with whoever you are walking with. We have seen Bridesmaids race down so fast that by the time the Bride has got to the front everyone has then had to wait for the music to finish.
You should also take time to look to your left and right and acknowledge your guests who will all be straining to see you. Cameras and phones will be directed at you too so enjoy this moment and take your time to take it all in...this also gives the wedding photographer time to get the right shot of you.

18.  Placing of wedding rings
When you each place on your wedding rings do it slowly and don’t hide your hands , all too often couples cover the proceedings or do it too quickly….this is especially relevant in non-church weddings where guests are closer and can see more detail…again this allows your wedding photographer to capture the detail.

19.  Walking down the aisle as a married couple
When you walk down the aisle as husband and wife you will be on a high...but remember  again to take your time…you have done it…revel in in …let your family , guests and wedding photographer capture the happiness.

20.  Comfortable shoes as a back up
If you know your lovely wedding shoes are going to start hurting then take spare comfortable shoes to change into ….we have seen Brides change into flat shoes, flip flops and Ugg boots during the wedding reception.


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